About Us

Hey Friends,

Quaranteeees was started out of a love for tie dye, a need for a creative outlet and an urge to give back during such a trying time. We hope these pieces can offer you comfort and joy. For our first round, we donated 10% of all sales to Operation Food fight and raised over $2,000 to feed frontline healthcare heroes. We will be continuing to donate a portion of all sales going forward and spread that quarantine love.

Please reach out if you would like to partner or have a charity near to your heart to be considered for a future donation. 

Be Well <3

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Xo, Quaranteeees

Meet Your (tie-dye) Maker:

Brianna Amoroso is a delightful, HUGE-hearted, slightly spazzy individual who has always been obssessed with fashion. Picture a bubbly, skinny little girl with a big ol’ bowl cut talking a mile a minute and struting her daily ‘lewk’ like she means BUSINESS. Her energy has definitely chilled out a little bit but not enough so to sit back as our frontliners tirelessly work everyday to keep us safe, healthy and equipped to take on this pandemic full force. 

So everyday Brianna wakes up far too early, rallies one or two of her quarantine crew (i.e. mom, dad, a cousin or two, her sister, her new dog daughter Emilia), goes down into the basement and gets down to work till dinner time. She has raised thousands of dollars for Operation Food Fight while bringing colorful, cozy joy to us other non-essential’ quarantiners. We are all really grateful for Brianna...Also her little sister is super pretty and cool and really good at writing bios so.”

~Chelsea A.